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Our latest client Comments

"I have listened to all of the songs and enjoyed every second of it. They are a breath of fresh air. Great mixture of adult and children voices. Superb choice of choruses versus and single voice. Great variety of genres. Very enjoyable choice of instruments that add so much colour. Nice pauses between stanzas – just enough to catch breath but not too long to lose control over kids. Ambitious but so is the course. Well, what can I say. I wish we were doing another course level – Many thanks indeed."

- Renata Gale, Senior Editor, Oxford University Press

"BIG success! People are complaining about colleagues being back from holidays thus preventing them from jiving and dancing away while they listen to the demos! Demos signed off! Breakthrough! ELT songs don’t need to sound boring and dated, especially for the poor editor who has to listen to them again and again! Well done!"

- Dona Velluti, Freelance Editor

"Very good news to be working with you again. We love your songs and the ‘Doesn’t love me’ song was premiered in Spain last week, to great acclaim, Thank you!"

- Valerie Vossage, Managing Editor, Oxford University Press

"I thought yesterday’s recording went great and was really well done. I think the songs are amazing – much better than the usual ELT stuff. I woke up with the ‘weekend’ song in my head! I think that’s a good sign and Clare still wants that chorus as her ringtone!"

- Tracey Young, Senior Editor ELT | Spain | Primary

"You have bought our Gospel songs to life, I’m so pleased with the results, man you guys are gooooood! Thank god for the internet or we would never have found you!! We are looking forward to collaborating with you again on our next project."

- Dennis Junior, Director for The Gospel Foundation Group

"The songs you have produced are very impressive"

- Spencer Gray, Global ELT Division, Oxford University Press

"I honestly didn't think that my songs could sound as professional as they do now. You have really brought my ideas to life! I'm currently working on some more tracks which I'm hoping to send over to you very soon. Many thanks Jodie x"

- Jodie Marshall, Children’s Music Composer

"They all sound amazing!"

- Hannah Bryan-Brown, Senior Editor, Oxford University Press

"If ever there was a person who deserved being taken to Christmas lunch for his efforts this year it's you and I'd be delighted to."

- Peter Marsh, Audio Production Manager, Oxford University Press

"I love working with you guys, things just keep getting better!"

- Phil Lee, President and CEO of City Vox NY

"I still can’t believe my ears when I’m listening to the songs. You clearly weren’t joking when you said you could turn my rough ideas into pop records. My kids absolutely love them and you have inspired me to continue writing educational material. I cant thank you enough."

- James Curtis, Freelance Editor and Independent Author

"This is not official feedback as my superiors need to hear the songs, but I think they are amazing – my favourite is still the beach one followed closely by Technology – I have a real thing for Prince. What a wonderful job you have done! "

- Hannah Bryan-Brown, Senior Editor, Oxford University Press

"They sound great to me! I'll be in touch when we have final feedback (but preliminary feedback is that Hannah thinks they're all "awesome")… "

- Mark Baldwin, Freelance ELT Producer.

"I'd just like to say thank you for such a great experience last week. I have listened to Pigcicle hundreds of times now and I just want to say thank you for making the songs so brilliant. I really love your work and the fact that you injected us with so much confidence and positivity. I loved the singing in your studio and can't wait to do more. I know Ean also feels the same too. Miari xx"

- Mairi and Ean, Independent Composers.

"It has been a great pleasure working with you. The results are fantastic and I am looking forward to working with you on my next project."

- Renata Gale, Senior Editor, Oxford University Press

"Looks like they are all approved – must be record time, great mixing and well done!"

- Peter Marsh, Audio Production Manager, Oxford University Press

"We just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday. We felt the song recording went really well. We are really pleased with the songs and looking forward to hearing the final versions. Please tell the singers how pleased we are."

- Clare Bunting, Senior Editor – Primary Spain