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Music stabilizes mental, physical and emotional rhythms to attain a state of deep concentration and focus in which large amounts of content information can be processed and learned.

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Intelligent Audio has over 15 years of experience in producing broadcast quality music and combined, we have worked with some of the most prestigious acts in the music industry including Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, Radiohead, Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix, Basement Jaxx as well as many more.

We are trusted by some of the most globally successful publishers and authors of educational materials where only the highest standards are acceptable. We also work closely with editors, authors, teachers, and animators to ensure that the audio content we provide is aligning perfectly with our client’s course book characters, artwork and classroom settings.

If you would like to hear a full course book production of one of our projects, please write to us at info@intelligentaudio.uk and we will send you a link.


Intelligent Audio captures the sound of today and brings it to life in a unique way for learning.

Please see below three short showreels - If you experience any problems streaming these online, please contact us at info@intelligentaudio.uk and we will be delighted to provide you with these along with any other examples or our work.


"There is nothing more rewarding for a teacher, than seeing their students smile and laugh while they learn."