Why choose us

We have created a universal audio network which enables us to seemingly send large ELT audio projects back and forth to one and other without incurring any compatibility problems or other technical issues. Sharing projects in this way means that we can handle very large, fast paced projects whilst still keeping a keen perspective on quality control and our clients timelines.

Welcome To The ELT Hit Factory

Intelligent Audio would be delighted to offer you two free demos on a project of your choice, this in turn gives us the opportunity to turn your ears to our new refreshing, cutting edge sounds at no cost to yourselves. We shall wait confidently by for your response!

Through the experience of working on 100’s of songs we have developed new ways of progressing the songs from conception to completion in a far quicker method. We do this by combining the writing of the lyrics and the music production together in one finished presentation. This in turn saves on time, energy and unnecessary expense for our clients and ourselves.

Our success is proving to be our ability to maintain a level where all our songs on any given project are individual, memorable and distinct with the added benefit of the cutting edge sound of today. We are renowned for keeping a standard from start to finish on all our client’s projects regardless of the quantity of songs required.

If you have any further enquires about our unique services then please don’t hesitate to contact to us at info@intelligentaudio.uk


"Students who are taught in a fun and creative way love coming to class!"