We love music in education.

We are passionate about music for learning

We turn subject matters into songs

Intelligent audio specialises in the production of contemporary English language teaching pop songs. We are experts in the art of music production and our talented in house team have been specifically trained to understand the requirements of today’s English language teaching process.

Over the last decade Intelligent Audio has been trusted to deliver music and lyrics for 100’s of high quality English Language Teaching pop songs and chants. We have built a longstanding relationships with many organisations, such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University press and Richmond ELT. Our professional team of creative and technical individuals are all dedicated to the art of teaching English in a fun, simple and melodic way!

Studies have shown that music

  • improves concentration
  • improves memory
  • brings a sense of community to a group
  • motivates learning
  • relaxes people who are overwhelmed or stressed
  • makes learning fun
  • helps people absorb material
"Intelligent Audio captures the sound of today and brings it to life in a unique way for learning."